Sexiest Lingerie Ideas to Celebrate Your Honeymoon – Expert Advice & Tips

Sexiest Lingerie Ideas to Celebrate Your Honeymoon – Expert Advice & Tips
Sexiest Lingerie Ideas to Celebrate Your Honeymoon – Expert Advice & Tips

Your honeymoon spells sex, love, intimacy and lots of fun. Your clothes need to match the mood; your lingerie needs to spell the rules of the game. Your lingerie for honeymoon needs to be very sexy yet comfortable, easy to maintain, lightweight and moreover enough to keep your partner guessing for more. These pieces have to match well with your clothes too, mind those necklines and seams.

There is a variety of lingerie available for your choosing. Get yourself help from an experienced bra-fitter, an expert who can help you get the right bra size without the foibles that occur when choosing the right one for your unique body.

As an extension of your wedding, now it’s time for you and your life partner to celebrate your love.  The honeymoon is the perfect time for you to celebrate romance and explore the inner seductive desires. Like every woman, you will want your honeymoon to be smooth and fun-filled for you as well as your other half.

Average honeymoon lasts longer than a day…

For anyone, the average honeymoon lasts longer than a day, so you have the opportunity to show off a little bit. And while you focus on buying new and sexy outerwear, never neglect the lingerie for your honeymoon. Since the whole idea of a honeymoon is to discover each other’s secrets then what could be more secretive than your body.

If you are one among those women who think lingerie is too intimidating, then let me tell you that you are just like the 90% of women out there. Most of these women shy away from honeymoon lingerie because they see those as very complex. But there are different styles that suit everyone, from complex ones that gives a feel that you are from another planet and the classy, simple designs that showcase your sensuality. All you have to do is to find the best lingerie according to your body type.

A sexy clothing for the bedroom can create the best atmosphere to get closer with your partner. But remember, as much as you want to feel sexy on your honeymoon, it is also a must to feel comfortable in your lingerie. So, now what? Looking for that seductive little something for your honeymoon? Here is the list of sensual and sexiest honeymoon lingerie items, you might like to try on.

Make your honeymoon more exciting…

These small touches of sexy styles will make your honeymoon more exciting. After all, it is your honeymoon, so why not throw a little something that could make those moments hotter. There are no rules in the bedroom to get frisky, it depends on your and your partner’s taste. Here a low-down on most of the lingerie pieces you can explore for your honeymoon to make it more sexier and intimate.

Lacy and Racy

Lacy and Racy Lingerie
Lacy and Racy Lingerie

Always include a lot of lace, net and bold colors in your honeymoon lingerie. Ensure that these colors suit your skin tone and are a great fit. You can choose lacy bikini sets or just matching bra and panty sets. Go for bold vivid colors like maroon, purple, gold, red, green or blue. White is an option if you feel sexy in it and is quite the convention also. Peekaboo sets with a little skin show and the “barely there” kinds will make him want more.

Baby Doll Sets

Babydoll Lingerie For Honeymoon
Baby doll Lingerie For Honeymoon

Making you look like a doll yourself, baby dolls are pieces of lingerie that are mischievously revealing and very pleasing to the eye. They come in a variety of colors and materials that are lightweight and easy to put on.

A babydoll is a short and loose-fitting nightgown that typically lies 6 to 7 inches above the knee. That means these are short enough for your underwear to play a peek-a-boo. It combines laced bralette or padded push-up cups to boost your cleavage and attached to it, a loose-fitting skirt falling length that usually covers the belly and upper thigh area. Babydoll lingerie comes in wide range of colors, styles and fabrics such as lace, satin, silk and nylon. Sometimes, sheer or transparent babydolls are also available to add up the heat. These honeymoon lingeries are extremely comfortable, alluring and affordable that suits all body types, from skinny to fuller.

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Leather Teddy or Corset

Corset for Honeymoon
Corset for Honeymoon

If you are the experimental types, get yourself a leather teddy or corset to keep him in knots and show away your tomboy side and those great curves. Leather teamed with lace borders or mesh details will make it hard for him to stay away from you.

These are single piece lingeries that cover the torso and crotch. A teddy lingerie style is similar to the basic swimsuit style.   It is typically an all in one suit with a top half, similar to a slip, that is joined to a bottom half, similar to shorts or a panty. Teddy lingeries are usually made from soft silky fabric that lies tight-fit to your body. To make it more flattering, teddy lingeries are available with high-cut legs and plunging neckline, which sensually reveal your sexy hipbones and cleavage.  Teddy lingeries are also available in complex designs and adventurous styles with straps and fishnets.

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Black See Through Bikini
Black See Through Bikini

The quintessential black set of a lacy or full net, see through bikini will speed up things for you at any time of the day. You can team up a black lace bordered net bra with a net detailed thong or a G-string to get the temperatures rising in the bedroom. Black is a color that goes well with any skin tone and can never go wrong with any body type too.


Black Chemise For Honeymoon
Black Chemise For Honeymoon

Chemises are in fashion – you get a variety in these from satin, silk, mesh, lace, to the regular hosiery variety as well. These teamed with thongs and G-strings will make you look like the sultry siren you’re meant to be on your honeymoon.

Plus-Sized Lingerie

Floral Mesh Lingerie Gown
Floral Mesh Lingerie Gown

Many curvy beauties do not feel so confident in exposing their body, so to them, an intimate lingerie to celebrate their honeymoon is a not a good idea. In the earlier period, sexy undergarments are mainly meant for those perfect body types. But now, there are a lot of varieties of sexy lingeries for women with the fuller figure. Instead of tightening those bigger curves to make it slimmer, these plus-sized lingeries embraces it and gives you the sexy goddess look by perfectly masking your body imperfections.

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Rompers for Honeymoon
Rompers for Honeymoon

The new in thing for sexy yet boyish lingerie is the one piece rompers that come with lace and mesh details and make sleeping a pleasure too. They come in prints, dots, mono and duo tones and are a great thing to change into after the fun too!

Nightgowns & Suits

Beautiful Night Gown for Honeymoon
Beautiful Night Gown for Honeymoon

Nightgowns are loosely fitted undergarments that usually come in different length, from hip-length to floor-length. These are available in fabrics like silk, satin, cotton or nylon. A nightgown comes in different styles that have sleeves, or be sleeveless, or with shoulder straps etc. These are just like the gowns we use as a day outfit but designed in such a way to flatter your body assets. To spice up the sexy look, transparent nightgowns or nightgowns slit up to the hipbones, which effectively reveal your panty are also available in the market.

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Body Stockings

Beautiful Sexy Body Stockings For Honeymoon
Beautiful Sexy Body Stockings For Honeymoon

A Body stocking is a tight-fit single piece undergarment that usually covers your torso, legs, and sometimes your arms. Body stockings are usually worn without any undergarments such as bra or panty. It also comes in another style, which covers the leg from foot to the knee or upper thigh, which is termed as stockings or pantyhose. Body stockings are put on through the neck, pulled up over the chest while arms & legs scrunched up, and then the undergarment is adjusted as required. This piece of undergarment is made from stretchable fabrics like translucent satin, sheer, fishnet and lace.

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These small touches of sexy styles will make your honeymoon more exciting. After all, it is your honeymoon, so why not throw a little something that could make those moments hotter. Whatever the mood, a sexy and chic piece of lingerie will definitely set the ball rolling in your bedroom for some intimate fun.

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Your honeymoon spells sex, love, intimacy and lots of fun. Your clothes need to match the mood; your lingerie needs to spell the rules of the game. Sharing tips and types for your lingerie for honeymoon.

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