10 Things You Should Never Say to Your Boyfriend Before Sex

Things You Should Never Say to Your Boyfriend before Sex

There are those times when you and your boyfriend are totally thinking of getting it on, there are sparks flying in the air with noticeably high sexual tension and you just say something thinking it is better to spit it out just about now and wham! Your guy is not in the mood anymore and you’re wondering why….. There are many such things that can cause a man to lose his interest in having sex with you where especially your words can do the maximum damage.

  1. “You’re so big/small/inadequate/stiff/squidgy!” so totally inappropriate! This is bound to make him walk away from you because to a man who is turned on, his privates are his ego and now you hurt his ego. If you think your partner is inadequate, hint at it gently hours after the act or stop dating him altogether if it’s not acceptable at all.
  2. “You’re just like my ex” or comparisons with other partners or just generalising the male species: never categorize him in general, he is a special man who wants to make you happy and that’s what matters so quit saying “men like this so let me do this” or such. Comparisons with friends’ partners or your exes- nah…it’s insulting.
  3. Anything regarding hygiene, STDs, UTIs or bowel movements!: Ladies, please ensure you gently hint at hygiene (bath/fingernails/hands/mouth) in a not-so-romantic setting a lot before sex, not just when you’re going to hit the sack! For the safety of both partners, it’s important that you know about STD history or UTIs or disclose the same too.
  4. Setting rules and being too tight about them: if you like to dominate your man, it’s great to do so for a change, but don’t stand ranting about the-dos-and-don’ts when the both of you want each other madly. If you are a passive lover this applies too, but it doesn’t harm you to try something apart from these rules to keep the monotony of lovemaking to a minimum.
  5. Discussing stuff when you’ve gotten into the mood: keep your to-do lists away, your phone on silent mode away from the bed, and all those mundane things you want to talk about for another time. It’s time to get wild now!
  6. Marriage, parents, religion, doubts, complaints- throw these topics out of the window! : don’t carry these over to the bed or anywhere before sex- mentioning these now can cause your man to feel pressurized making him want to procrastinate this act till he feels better.
  7. Baby talking him, swearing, and talking dirty: this is sexy if handled well. If it’s not your thing stay away from it.
  8. Self-doubt: each man wants a confident partner in bed, and your self-doubt or inferiority complex can ruin the mood. Saying “I don’t feel beautiful anymore” or “my fat belly looks ugly” can make him look at you with the same lens when he might think otherwise.
  9. Suspicions: “where were you last night”, “with whom” etc. are a serious turn off.
  10. Don’t sound needy or desperate, get as sexy as you can.

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