What is Love? From a Teenager’s Diary

What is Love? From a Teenager’s Diary

As a teenager, new thoughts, new feelings make you feel very unsure about your “new” self already. It’s more fun yet overwhelming when you start getting more attention your way though it may not be from the most preferred person… your life takes a whole new meaning in these few years and teaches you about the more complex relationships like platonic friendships and love. Yes, love. To a teenager, love holds an important place. It’s one of those things that can drive them crazy (the good way!) and keeps them spirited. But do you think they know EXACTLY what love is? Many polls are seen on the Internet trying to decide whether today’s teen knows anything about love. More than ever, a teen today will Google “love” and tell you it’s “a strong feeling of affection.” Some say teen love is only a matter of hormones interacting and that could be the reason why they feel attraction towards that cute face, a popular figure, or even towards their most unexpected friends. If I had to read a teenager’s personal diary and get a view about their feeling towards love that they perceive or on the basis of what they have experienced recently, I am sure I will find these little mentions….

“I just got winked at by the most popular guy in college right in the hallway”…. “He keeps giving me a second glance when he thinks I am not seeing him”…. Teens tend to notice the most subtle advances towards them specially if they are also interested in the people they are getting these from- like body language, a slight slouch towards them, etc. it is said that if a person is interested in another, then they notice the sweet nothings and that prolonged look that their crush gives them to notice whether they found a joke funny and so on….

“I just saw him staring at me with his friends sneering at the whole scene….Oh so cool!” Yeah this is a routine when your crush’s friends try to tell you something that you are not aware of yet! Those small incidents when you are hinted at who is interested in you. A crush stands its own worth but a crush who loves you back is a keeper….that’s the sort of thing that teens look for. Making a comment on that special someone’s picture on a social networking site adds to the fun!

Though parents feel that teens don’t know what love is and it’s all about the raging hormones for them, teens feel otherwise and advocate the fact that there is no set formula for love which can guide them to finding true love or even better, getting it right the very first time. Though we always cherish our first love, for a teen, if their first love is a success and it lasts, well for them, and if it doesn’t them always know what not to do the next time and learn to tune their search and find a worthy partner again.

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