How to Prepare for a Date? (For Guys)

How do men prepare for date?

‘What clothes do I wear?’ ‘What make up do I wear?’ ‘What accessories do I wear?’My mind is crowded with so many questions when I go on a date. I wonder how guys prepare for a date. Actually, I wonder, ‘Do they really bother like we girls do?’

This video answered my question and Iam sure this answers your curiosity too. Preparing for a date is pretty special and you want to look and be at your best. I always thought guys don’t have much to prepare but, no they have a lot to prepare for because, if they don’t be their best, the girl would just dump the idea to asking him out again.

Men think about what clothes to wear? What restaurant do I take her to? What haircut do I have? Should I have stubble or a clean shave?

This is how guys should prepare for a date

Stephen Erdam says beyond these things that are mentioned above, it’s your state of mind that is going to determine how you scored on a date? Before going on a date don’t be too stressed with work. You will have work hovering over your mind. If you have been sitting in front of the computer for 3 hours in a run before the date, you are stressed; not energized. So go for a jog, do some exercise; add the excitement level in your body. Change your body responses with some exercises. To put yourself in a great mental state, talk to someone you love to talk to. By doing this you get great vibes & you carry this excitement when you go for a date. There is a lot more that guys should do before they step out for a date. Here is what Stephen Erdam has to share in this awesome video.

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