This is How You Can Make Your First Night Most Memorable

The first night after marriage can be a point of distress to many, even the most experienced of the lot. The sea of expectations, the budding love in cases of arranged marriages, the suspense of how it will all be, the fear of not making any embarrassing moves or reactions are all a cause of concern as every couple is an individual first and a team together. As much as you’re waiting for those magical moments to begin, you are apprehensive about a lot of things that you are not very sure of. Here’s a few tips that can help you focus on the love and romance of that beautiful first night that marks the beginning of your “happily ever after”!

Prepare Yourself

Make sure you have your beauty regime in place, keep yourself well groomed. This will help you build on your confidence. Communicate with your partner about your thoughts and feelings, let them know what your expectations are of your first night. Also listen to them talk freely about their idea of love without having a bias in mind or a frown on your face, even if those ideas are not entirely same as yours. Be open to accepting their premonition and fears. Also let them know what you feel might hurt or otherwise.

Keep the Fantasies Aside

The porn world is mostly fake, so don’t compare it with how your experience should be, don’t use your fantasies as a benchmark for this reality. Some partners are really good in bed and don’t leave much to imagination, but in reality, your partner will take some time at least to warm up to you and that is OK! Then you might see the man or woman you dreamed of in bed after you two get to know each other VERY well! Till then let fantasies be fantasies.

Fill Your Room With Flowers and Music

These are a welcome sight! They help calm stressed nerves and build an ambience for your romance to blossom. Carry your bride to the bed from the threshold, play sexy games that allow you to explore, stock up on champagne, strawberries, chocolate and honey, slip into something more erotic and exciting, keep your partner surprised by playing their fave song or movies DVD, give them their favorite flowers, or just feed them their favorite food!

Surprise Them With a Gift

We all love gifts! What better than giving your partner a gift related to their hobbies or their likes. A diamond for a girl is a steal anytime! Music helps too!

Don’t Get Self Conscious

Your partner will like you when they know you better anyways, so don’t allow self-consciousness about your dark inner thighs or inexperience to ruin the moment. Just appreciate what you like about your partner and he/she will learn to ignore your imperfections and love you as you are.

All this is  just the beginning, so don’t get disappointed if doesn’t happen the way you’ve dreamed of it.

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