Every Girl’s New Year Resolution for a Better Relationship

New Year resolution for a better relationship

With every new year coming, you will be wanting to promise yourself to enrich your life a little more than last year, making every moment count. Especially love relationships, which go through so much every day, need to be nurtured and looked into deeply. For the next year, it will be profitable if you plan to focus on enriching your relationship with your partner and adding more zest and enthusiasm in your marriage or relationship.

Know What You’ve Been Doing Wrong

Analyze all that has brought you pain or disappointment this year- fear, love, lust, mistrust, disloyalty etc. Keep aside your ego and introspect whether you could have done something differently to avoid the occurrence of that scenario and take that down as a lesson in your mental notebook. Try to figure out what your partner expects of you or how you can make them see you as the Mr/Ms Perfect of their dreams.

Stop Comparing

Often our dreams become quite unrealistic and our lives show us a contrasting reality which we fail to expect and most of the times let better things go in the hopes of waiting for the best to come. Learn to appreciate what you have rather than wishing you had someone else’s. You are unique and so are others- what applies to them, need not necessarily apply to you. Love your partner for who they are and not because you can make them “better”.

Invest in Your Friendship

Be friends before being lovers. Enjoy the openness friendship provides, the freedom and the feeling of saying your heart out when you want an ear that listens. When you see your partner as a friend, you seldom make mistakes in pleasing them, loving them and being their support system as well. Go that extra mile again to impress them. Tell them they look as hot as ever or the food tastes as good as it used to be.

Don’t Dig the Past

What’s gone is done and you can’t do anything to change that. So whoever may be in the wrong, it is maturity from your end to let it go and focus on the present to secure your future. When you stand by your partner in thick and thin and learn to forgive, you will find them standing by you when you may not need them too, thus strengthening your relationship.

Desperation is Bad

When you get desperate in your relationship, you underestimate yourself, misjudge the situation, over-exaggerate your reactions and thus, fail. Instead get up, try to get fit and focus on your body, spice things up in the bedroom, don’t judge or mistrust your partner and give them their space. They will love you for this. Love, pamper and have confidence in yourself, only then will they love you. Learn to love the things your partner loves, they will appreciate you a lot more!

Love freely, keep suspicions away and enrich your lives this New Year!

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