Speak Up! Why You Should Share Everything With Your Partner

Share Everything With Your Partner
Share Everything With Your Partner

You enjoy the intricacies of your relationship when you enjoy being open with each other, have great conversations and are always there for each other and reach out to each other whatever the circumstances may be. There has to be a great amount of trust that both partners place in each other that can lead to complete openness and loyalty that forms the basis of every relationship.

Now that is a topic of discussion as to how much openness is healthy or how far should it be taken seriously. To me, I feel it is better to be transparent with your partner even if it may get you some flak from them for a few days, but ultimately they will be thankful that you spat it out and got the slate clean. With regards to the seriousness of the matter being disclosed, it helps only if you discuss matters of importance like about a past abortion that may cause some complications in your future, or an affair that needs to be spoken about as it has brought some distaste in your life regarding relationships or something that can affect your future with your partner now. It can also be a matter to deal with your finances or addictions, but you can let go details of that extra slice of cake that had you cheating your diet, or why you lied to your best friend about work or otherwise, etc.

Mostly it is seen that people are too occupied with their own lives to listen to the happenings in their partners’ lives unless situations are grave or have brought the other some happiness. Hence daily routines or mundane things that are of least importance or impact in your lives are not received with as much interest by the partner. But they have a right to know, even though they may not be suspecting that something that they don’t know of is ruining their future with the person they love. Have shared interests, not shared lives. Personal space is private and does not require your partner to know what and how you do in there, like bathroom time, net-browsing time, your Facebook or social time and the likes of such. Every person is entitled to having their personal space and hence it is not right for one partner to expect the other to blurt out every small thing that is happening in their lives. When partners share their thoughts frequently, they are more open to being a part of each others’ lives. Effective communication is key.

You cannot sustain a relationship when your partner lies when confronted or over-reacts to or dismisses anything you may disclose or discuss as a matter that may be important to you or your future life. You will be more wanted if you leave some distance between you two, and yet show involvement in their matters when they open up and that will keep your partner more interested in knowing about you too.

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