What Do Men Do Before Sex? {Revealed}

What Do Men Do Before Sex?
What Do Men Do Before Sex?

“Oh man! I am going on a DATE with Lara. It is going to be just beyond a kiss or a hug. It’s going to be a lot more fun. But, now let me not make it too obvious.”

Guys are smart when it comes to hooking up with a girl. They have a way with girls and are careful in hiding that they weren’t really hell bend of sex. They know, they are going to have sex with which girl (and they prepare accordingly) but, don’t make it obvious to the girl.

Men Before Sex
Men Before Sex

They just may say out of fun to you, ‘Let’s have sex’. It may sound as if it is just for fun sake they said it. But, in reality they are serious. They want to have sex with you.

So they wear sexy underwear to impress the dame. You know what guys too change their outfits a hundred times. Really? I find that unbelievable. But, it’s true.

All sexed up and hot? It’s time for sex; the real act? They are smart enough to not keep the condom too close. They would keep it conveniently within the reach of the bed but, not too close. Because it gives the impression that they knew they had already aimed for sex.

Excited to know more? Well I am going to stop at this, but the video has a hell lot of stuff to reveal. These are secrets that we never speak with our friends. Here they are…just hit the video.

Have fun girls.

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