Who is Savita Bhabhi? Meet India’s First Fantasy Porn Comic Star

Getting to know Savita Bhabhi is quite amusing and interesting, as she does not exist in reality and seems fun to know as an imaginary personality. She has received much appreciation and is an Indian sex symbol and porn comic character.

She is portrayed as a pretty and sexy housewife who is overlooked by her hubby, leading to her turning immoral and participating in sexual escapades to fulfill her sexual desires and feel contented. The suffix ‘bhabhi’ means sister-in-law in Hindi.

This suffix is frequently added to the former names of the housewives of India. In the beginning, Savita got noticed in a liberally accessible cartoon and animated strip at and has now been transformed into a subscription-supported strip held by

The personality was first launched by Deshmukh in March 2008 and proved contentious and hot in the conventional culture and background of India. Some reviewers considered it to be the depiction of the expressions of new India’s even more open-minded section.

Name : Savita Bhabhi ( Fictional Character )

Date of Birth : March 2008

Place of Birth : India

Occupation : Porn Cartoon Character

Nationality : Indian

Knowing Savita Bhabhi
Knowing Savita Bhabhi

The Savita Bhabhi movie came out for public in May 2013 and coped with the theme of ‘Internet Censorship’ in a funny and entertaining manner, with Savita Bhabhi as the lead, saving the day. This well-known and wicked lady, in her stories, remains lonely and fed up and does what she is best at – seducing people and gratifying her sexual desires.

The comic strip went public on on November 20, 2009 and created much excitement and pleasure in the minds of the people. Some of Savita’s regular stories available include ‘Sexy Shopping,’ ‘Virginity Lost,’ ‘Sexpress,’ ‘Sexercise,’ ‘Sexy Secretary 1 and 2,’ ‘The Intern,’ ‘The Perfect Indian Bride’ and ‘College Girl Savvi.’

A Bollywood comedy film, called ‘Sheetal Bhabhi’ is said to have been enthused from Savita Bhabhi. Also, director Ram Gopal Verma had plans to bring Savita’s personality to the screens and was working upon the film. The authentic website was covered up by the Indian government on account of pornography being prohibited in India.


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