Congratulations on becoming a new mother!

First of all, you feel proud of yourself and appreciate the things/ changes your body has gone through for nine months! You need to give at a years’ time for your body to repair and heal. I would say, start with small everyday things;
1. Start your day with a default morning routine whether you are planning to go out or not. Shower, comb your hair, wear kajal if you like and apply moisturizer/ lip balm. This will make you presentable.
2. Try exercising a bit every day, even a little stretching would do.
3. Try using some old clothes, at least they would be not so big as maternity clothes. This will motivate you to live healthy.
4. Do not hesitate to get help from your parents or in-laws to look after your little one and take occasional breaks.
5. Take time to see your old pictures and reflect, feel good and prepare yourself to share some good moments with your husband.
6. Go on for a haircut, facial or a massage to rejuvenate.

Do not stress-out, just give some time and everything will be okay. Open your heart and talk to your friends/ loved ones. All the best.