India’s Top – Emergency Oral Contraceptive OR Birth Control Pills for Women

Emergency Contraceptive Pills

Are you worried about an unplanned pregnancy? Yes, sometimes even after taking all routine precautions, your birth control methods fail.  Popularly known as emergency contraceptive pills or morning after pills, emergency contraceptive pills are a way of preventing unwanted or unplanned pregnancy in case of an unprotected sexual intercourse. These are most widely used and discussed birth control pills and birth control options. In order to avoid pregnancy, women make use of emergency contraceptive pills in case of forced or unplanned sex, also in a situation where male contraception fails like condom tearing.

Emergency Contraceptive pills are a blessing to those people who worries from the above-mentioned emergency situations. These EC pills are advised to consume only if another method of precaution is forgotten or has failed to function.

Commonly used emergency pills consist of a hormone levonorgestrel, which helps in the creation of an inappropriate environment in the womb that prevents the implantation of embryo or prevents egg release from the ovary. Generally, pills ensure 90% effectiveness, depending on how soon you take them after an intercourse. Early you take the pill, higher is the effectiveness. You can use it within 72 hours of intercourse. It is most effective (around 95%) when used within 24 hours of unprotected sex.

But Don’t be Mistaken

  • An emergency pill is not effective if the pregnancy has resulted. As the name suggests it is an “emergency” pill which should be consumed only during emergency situations like forced sex, condom break etc. This pill can’t be used for abortion.
  • Before using, one should know about the possible side effects of emergency contraceptive pills like vomiting, nausea, fatigue, headache, breast pain, sleeplessness, etc. In worst cases, the hormones in the pill also results in disruption of your menstrual cycle, causing irregular bleeding or delay the menstrual cycle.
  • There is a 20% chance of getting pregnant in case of emergency contraceptive pills, while in case of routine contraception methods this rate is only 1%. Thus, one must make use of normal contraceptive methods and should use emergency pills only if there is no option left.
  • It doesn’t give protection from sexually transmitted diseases.

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Emergency Contraceptive Pills In India

There are many emergency contraception pills available in the market. Most people confuse this with birth control pills which, unlike Emergency pills, are taken in cycles to prevent unwanted pregnancy.

Some of the popular and well-received day-after pills available in India are listed below:


It is one among the morning after pills in India that must be taken within 72 hours of unsafe sex to avoid pregnancy. I-pill is a hormonal pill that checks pregnancy by preventing ovulation / fertilization/ implantation of the fertilized egg. It’s an oral tablet, which needs to be swallowed with water after having some food. This pill claims that it is safe for breast   feeding mothers. I-pill can be purchased from any local medical shops without a doctor’s prescription. I pill has shown 80-90% effectiveness when consumed within 12 hours of unprotected sex. The pill is safe for women aged between 25 and 45 years.

You can visit few websites you buy i-pill online, however we do not recommend buying any medical pills online especially i-pill as time is an important factor. You should not wait for a delivery boy to deliver this pills to you next day, better walk to nearest store, buy it and consume it asap.


The price of i-pill in India is 100 Rupees per tablet.

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Unwanted 72 is an OTC drug that can be purchased over the counter in any medical store. It consists of levonorgestrel 1.5 mg and must be used within 3 days of unprotected sex. On comparing Unwanted-72 vs I-pill, comparatively the side effects of Unwanted 72 are lesser. Unwanted 72 works by blocking the actions of hormones LH and FSH. These are the brain hormones that help in maturing the egg, preparing the uterus for pregnancy, ovulating and implantation. In short, Unwanted 72 blocks out all the events that help pregnancy. When used within 72 hours, the efficiency of the Unwanted 72 pill in preventing pregnancy is 85%. Further high rates can be achieved when used earlier and time closer to sexual intercourse. Vomiting for up to 2 to 3 hours after taking Unwanted 72 pill is considered as a missed dose and it advised to continue the medication only after consulting a doctor.


Price of Unwanted 72 in India is INR 80 per tablet

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It consists of 2 oral pills, containing levonorgestrel B.P. 0.75 mg. Preventol is one of the best emergency birth control pills in India, which is to be used within 72 hours (3 days) for the prevention of unintended pregnancy. Since Preventol is a Levonorgestrel only pill, it has fewer side effects. Though Preventol can be consumed safely several times, the efficiency of the pill reduces when used multiple times in the same menstrual cycle.

Here, the first pill should be taken as early as possible after unsafe sex and the second tablet should be consumed 12 hours after taking the first pill. This emergency pill is reasonable and has shown an effectiveness of 85%-90%. The sooner the pills are taken, the better the protection against unwanted pregnancy.


The price of Preventol in India is 50 INR. for a strip of 2 tablets.

Truston 2

Truston 2 is a pack of two tablets containing Levonorgestrel 0.75mg, manufactured by the pharmaceutical company, V care Pharma Ltd. The brand claims that this morning after pill has zero side effects and is quite effective up to 80% when consumed timely. Like the above listed one, the first pill should be consumed soon after the unprotected intercourse, preferably within 24 hours and the second one should be consumed after 12 hours.


Truston 2 tablets are very economical and the price in India is 60 INR.

T Pill 72

T Pill 72 is effective if used within 72 hours after intercourse. T pill 72 is a 1.5mg tablet that blocks the effects of progesterone, which is a natural female hormone needed for the pregnancy to sustain. Without this hormone, the lining of the womb (endometrium) breaks down like in the menstrual period and prevents the chance of the pregnancy. It is known to have 80% effective when taken within 3 days of unprotected sex.


The price of T-Pill-72 in India is around 68.50 INR.

Above-mentioned specified list of the morning-after pills in India are effective and can be purchased from any chemist outlet nearby. Some other emergency contraceptive pills available in the market are Norlevo, Ecee, She-72, Hyan, Oh!God, Option 72, etc.

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Do note this, easy availability of these emergency contraception pills in the market does not mean that you should use these birth control pills every time after unprotected sex. Use it only in case of emergency as the name suggests and above all, always make a habit of using protection or regular contraception methods.


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