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    Easy Everyday Hairstyles For Super Busy Girls

    There are times when you really get bored of simple ponytail and you want to look your best. Aah! Looking presentable, and experimenting something new are the demands of office-goers but at the same time you want something quick and really unique. Sometimes it can be office event or party and you don’t want to […] More

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    Blackhead Removal – Get Rid of Blackheads With a Toothbrush

    Blackheads? Not any more with this DIY video Anybody can get those nasty blackheads and they can be spotted mainly on the areas like chin, around nose, forehead and yes, on the cheeks. Blackheads occur due to the excess production of sebum and buildup of dirt and dead skin cells. Factors like hormonal imbalance, frequent […] More

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    {Four} Period Myths Exposed For Good

    “Oh, I just get uneasy during my menses,” Cathy was talking on phone with her bestie. “Same here even I don’t like going out, cycling or swimming. Oh why girls have to bear all these things? Moreover, I feel scared wearing those thin pads what if they get tear in the middle of something” She […] More

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    Surefire Tricks to Keep Your Man Hooked to You

    They say love is not easy and as a matter of fact, it is not. To keep your love, romance alive you need to put efforts into your relationship. However, the secret for long-lasting, happy relationship is no longer a secret. It’s because we caught men, observed them and got to know what they want […] More

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    He Likes Me or Not? How to Know If a Guy Likes You

    Sandra was going out with a guy and was puzzled if the guy liked her. She didn’t know what kind of signals guys give to emote that they liked a girl. You don’t need any transmitters to catch the signals. Obviously girls, you know that. But, there are some simple signals that you can catch […] More

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    Questions All Women Always Have But They Don’t Ask

    ‘Did you hear them murmur?’ ‘Ah! Yes, these girls have such weird discussions.’ Girls get nervous about so many things. They discuss stuff among themselves or go approach a doctor if they don’t get a convincing answer to their questions. We bring some questions that arise in the minds of girls. Men may find some […] More

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    These are Things We Girl Avoid Doing in Public

    ‘Oh my, these women are particular about lot of things, about the way they dress, speak, carry themselves, who they go out with, etc.’ Agreed? Yes, at least I agree to this. But, the list doesn’t end at this. We’ve got an extended list for you. This list isn’t just interesting but, it’s even surprising, […] More

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    What Do Girls Do – When They Are Alone?

    ‘What has happened to me? I have bigger boobs now. I have to do something.’ This is how girls react when they have some time alone in their room. Here are things women say to themselves and do behind closed doors. When they get time to be away from the world, they observe themselves under […] More

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    Female Orgasm? What, How & Everything That You Wanted to Know

    ‘Did you ever experience orgasm?’ ‘Have you heard about female ejaculation?’ ‘Oh! You mean to say women too ejaculate as men do?’ Many questions about sex and orgasm go unanswered. Some of you wonder what does female orgasm entail, while some who are sexually active, wonder how you will feel when you have an orgasm, […] More

  • How to Get Pregnant

    How to Get Pregnant? Illustrated and Explained

    Honestly, with science progressing so much I started to feel that human beings can do anything. Well, but there are a lot of things that cannot be changed in nature. We need to accept them as they are. Like, a man can never get pregnant. So, today we will look at how a woman gets […] More

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