Questions All Women Always Have But They Don’t Ask

‘Did you hear them murmur?’

‘Ah! Yes, these girls have such weird discussions.’

Girls get nervous about so many things. They discuss stuff among themselves or go approach a doctor if they don’t get a convincing answer to their questions. We bring some questions that arise in the minds of girls. Men may find some of these funny, freaky, weird but, for girls they are a matter of utmost importance.

Let’ start:

Oh! Do I See Hair on My Boobs?

Oops! This is abnormal, hair around my boobs? No, dear girls, it’s pretty normal, hair around your boobs is a normal sign. You don’t have to freak over this.

Tampon Inside Me?

Can a tampon get stuck inside of me? It isn’t possible that the tampon will get stuck inside, for that it has to be abnormally large to not be able to get stuck inside your vagina.

Has the tampon stayed too long inside me and am I developing toxic shock syndrome? Probably not, but it’s true that a couple of years back there was a tampon by which toxic shock could develop. These tampons were removed from the market. But, unfortunately women got prejudiced towards all tampon makers.

Do I Shave My Butt Hair?

Girls, be careful. Butt hair is for protection, and saves you from friction. Shaving with any cleanser would create itching, burning and bad rashes. Of-course, you don’t want it.

What questions you want answered? Share with us, leave a comment.

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