These are Things We Girl Avoid Doing in Public

‘Oh my, these women are particular about lot of things, about the way they dress, speak, carry themselves, who they go out with, etc.’ Agreed? Yes, at least I agree to this. But, the list doesn’t end at this. We’ve got an extended list for you. This list isn’t just interesting but, it’s even surprising, here we go…

These are some things that women are alert about and avoid doing:

They don’t like to eat certain foods in public, like bananas. LOL

They get nervous to get into the subway car with only men on it. Yes, I understand things are no longer safe today.

They would never want to leave drinks unattended. Now, that is smart, isn’t it?

Like I said earlier things are no longer safe. A woman has to be alert about her surroundings and especially with social networking becoming a rage. Social networking is fun and cool but, it is intimidating some times. Beside the point, women never prefer having cable guys, electricians, landlords in their houses when they are alone.

Also, they wouldn’t prefer wearing clothes that draw too much attention. Yes, women love attention but, they don’t feel comfortable to adorn clothes that would have all eyes popped out.

The list has thirteen things. So why not find out about the others in the list. Hit the video and know what women avoid doing.

What do you avoid doing? Share your list with us too.

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