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    Surefire Tricks to Keep Your Man Hooked to You

    They say love is not easy and as a matter of fact, it is not. To keep your love, romance alive you need to put efforts into your relationship. However, the secret for long-lasting, happy relationship is no longer a secret. It’s because we caught men, observed them and got to know what they want […] More

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    This is How WhatsApp is Killing Your Relationship

    WhatsApp is a cross-platform instant messaging application that allows most smart-phone users to exchange text, images, videos and audio messages. Each one of us are making most of this app and use it on daily basis. The messaging application is free to use and extremely user-friendly. Today, WhatsApp has more than 100 million active users […] More

  • What He Says Vs What he Really Means

    What He Says Vs What he Really Means

    Misinterpretations and communication gaps are a dreadful occurrence in every dating routine, where people say one thing but mean quite differently. Its not that they are lying always, but they may want to put forth their thoughts without hurting you or pass on a message very subtly. Here are a few guy phrases decoded to […] More

  • Share Everything With Your Partner

    Speak Up! Why You Should Share Everything With Your Partner

    You enjoy the intricacies of your relationship when you enjoy being open with each other, have great conversations and are always there for each other and reach out to each other whatever the circumstances may be. There has to be a great amount of trust that both partners place in each other that can lead […] More

  • Happy Husband? Take Care of Your Mother-in-Law

    Want a Happy Husband? Take Care of Your Mother-in-Law

    Every relationship has its own ups and downs. You and your spouse may have everything nice and rosy between yourselves until your mother-in-law arrives between you two. I’m not intending to say that all mother-in-laws are cruel, mean, or have a hidden negative interest, but about 55% daughter-in-laws feel so about their mother-in-laws. So, you […] More

  • Decoding male body language

    Easiest Guide for Decoding Male Body Language

    Body language is something that is tough but, remarkably exciting to decode. Women and men have different body language. A woman would read body language differently as compared to a man. It is a fact that men are not that good at decoding body language and picking up cues; women are great at this. Hooking […] More

  • Why men suddenly pull away

    Why Do Men Suddenly Pull Away from Any Relationship? Answer Below

    Things were going great between me and Bret. We had a connect that most of my friends felt jealous about and we loved to hang around with each other. In an unbelievable revelation Bret walked up to me and said, ‘I don’t think it’s working and I need to move on.’ I didn’t know a […] More

  • Recipe of Tasty and Good Married Life

    Recipe of Tasty and Good Married Life, Oh Yes, Oh Yess!

    I don’t have an all perfect recipe for a good married life- no one can vouch for one either- but, it goes without saying that it definitely has these ingredients: about 1 kg love, half kg trust, empathy, flexibility, a fourth kg of equality, respect, individuality and faith, and dollops of sex, surprises, intimacy, playfulness […] More

  • How do men prepare for date?

    How to Prepare for a Date? (For Guys)

    ‘What clothes do I wear?’ ‘What make up do I wear?’ ‘What accessories do I wear?’My mind is crowded with so many questions when I go on a date. I wonder how guys prepare for a date. Actually, I wonder, ‘Do they really bother like we girls do?’ This video answered my question and Iam […] More

  • Discuss Money and Finances with Your Partner

    How Will You Discuss Money and Finances with Your Partner

    Loads of issues, financial issues I mean, keep coming up daily between me and my girlfriend. She gets upset when I say, ‘You spend for the month, this month I won’t be able to give in much.’ Uff… I shirk to say anything related to finance with her. It was time to sit and get […] More

  • Do's of Building Your Relationships

    Do’s of Building Your Relationships

    Relationships are a give and take, it is a bond that two people share where there is respect, values, experience, family, and other external factors like the Internet, the social media, Facebook, Twitter trends et al, that cause major and minor influences on every relationship. A relationship between two partners bonds them by love, mutual […] More

  • What is Sexting

    What is Sexting and Why Is it Not Wrong?

    Have you seen people sharing explicit photos, videos, texts, or other media about themselves with others online, over the phone or e-mail? This is what the new age calls sexting. Smart phones coupled with easily accessible technology and media result in sexting. This is an activity that 1 in every 4 teens indulges in and […] More