This is How WhatsApp is Killing Your Relationship

WhatsApp is a cross-platform instant messaging application that allows most smart-phone users to exchange text, images, videos and audio messages. Each one of us are making most of this app and use it on daily basis. The messaging application is free to use and extremely user-friendly. Today, WhatsApp has more than 100 million active users across the globe. That shows the popularity of such messaging apps.

“Why did he keep such status? What does that mean? What did I do wrong, Savita? Tell me! What’s the meaning of his status? Is he breaking with me or has started liking someone?” she kept shooting questions at me while I listened carefully over the phone. I tried my best to convince her not to take his WhatsApp statuses seriously and somewhat convinced Minali, she kept her phone down.

After my conversation with my friend Minali I was forced to ponder whether is WhatsApp a new relationship breaker? Certainly these tell-tale signs prove that this killer app is also a relationship-breaker. To know read on:

WhatsApp is Killing Your Relationship

The ‘Last Seen’ Trap

Your WhatsApp ‘Last Seen’ feature remains no longer friendly as it has stirred misunderstandings and arguments between many couples. Don’t you agree that when checked your partner’s ‘Last Seen’ has doubted your relationship with his or her? Most couples agree that Last seen make them insecure and jittery until they don’t confront with each other.

Whatsapp Status – A Perfect Spoiler

Statuses are meant to express our mind’s present condition. Statuses can be happy, funny, intriguing or sad. However, WhatsApp statuses are playing a perfect spoiler when they aren’t well understood by the third party. Statues can play with your mind devilishly only if you don’t take them seriously.

WhatsApp Group – A Confusion Creator

“Hey, Stuti, what Amay was talking about last night?” This simple conversation in a group can lead to confusions between a couple bringing what, who and why questions. A male or female partner in a group may not like their partner’s name being referred to other person and here it goes a storm of doubts surrounding each other.

Blue Ticks – A Peace Kicker

Last seen wasn’t enough and so blue ticks were brought by the innovators only to create more chaos than ever. These ‘blue ticks’ indicate when and what time the message is read by your partner. That means you have no escape even though you feel tired or lazy but to reply your partner in order to avoid fights. In short, blue ticks are a peace kicker that won’t make you feel rested unless you reply. No place for excuses here!

Invisible Option – A Privacy Intruder

Your poor attempt of going invisible or hiding your last seen proves to be a great privacy intruder. You feel that hiding last seen will bring some privacy, but again you go wrong when your partner bombards about your whereabouts. No, you aren’t allowed to have some privacy even though if it is meant virtually.

Short Lingo – The Biggest Troublemaker

“Okay”, “K”, “Lmao”, “LOL” and “OMG” these short terms if delivered late can cause a word war right on your mobile screen. Language is a great communication tool but in our busier lives we introduced short terms. However, short terms can be misconstrued easily if the person on the other end is not well-versed with these terms.

SO, beware of WhatsApp, do not allow this app to kill your relationship.

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