Anal Sex for the First Time? Do’s & Don’ts Plus Pleasure Tips

If this is your first time going in through the “backdoor”, consider getting yourself a few basic things that will help you enjoy the experience and make the most of it. Anal sex can be a taboo subject in most religions and is a very debatable topic when it comes to whether or not is can be enjoyed, but each person is different and have their own definitions of pleasure and pain. So I think its best to try it out few times before you draw yourself to believe you can’t do it or can’t seem to enjoy it. Here are a few do’s and don’ts that you can keep in mind when you start your first ever backdoor entry endeavor:

Do’s Of Anal Sex

  • Talk with your partner about the act first- ensure that this is what you both want. If you decide that you’re ready to try anal, you both need to be on the same page
  • Play with the rest of the body – keep stimulating the vagina, clitoris and the rim of the anus while you’re in the act as it will enhance the pleasure
  • Try it out on yourself first – before you just end up on the bed with your partner, its best to try practicing it on yourself with your fingers or a dildo or a vibrator that can make it lesser painful. This will help your sphincter muscles to relax and will make them more receptive to the penis.
  • Shower up – indulge in some foreplay in the shower before anal sex. Not only will get you in the mood, but will also ensure that both you partners are squeaky clean before the act. Make sure that you’re clean on the outside near the anus and vagina
  • Keep calm – staying calm will help the sphincter to relax, thus allowing you to enjoy anal better
  • Keep the act slow – ask your partner to listen to you. That way when you hurt, he can stop his movement, hold the position for a minute or two and then continue. While he waits inside of you, the sphincter gets used to the insertion, thus making it easier to move further inside

Don’ts of Anal Sex

  • Forget the lube! – this will be a disaster. The more water-based lube the better anal sex gets as the anus has no lubrication of its own. It allows better penetration too
  • Forget to breathe – this is like delivering a baby (not exactly so, but in terms of reminding yourself to breathe when it hurts too!) When the penetration starts remember to breathe continuously, as holding your breath will only tighten your muscles and not help the penetration. You may feel the urge to go to the bathroom, but just push the feeling aside
  • Forget the foreplay – having had an orgasm or two will help keep you motivated and will relax your muscles too

Once you’ve gotten through the initial pain, the pleasure is greater!


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