Recipe of Tasty and Good Married Life, Oh Yes, Oh Yess!

Recipe of Tasty and Good Married Life

I don’t have an all perfect recipe for a good married life- no one can vouch for one either- but, it goes without saying that it definitely has these ingredients: about 1 kg love, half kg trust, empathy, flexibility, a fourth kg of equality, respect, individuality and faith, and dollops of sex, surprises, intimacy, playfulness and the likes! I have seen it working for myself in every situation and hope it does for you too. Every man likes his woman to be confident, near-perfect and the most important piece of his puzzle. How can you fulfill this expectation? Here’s how:

  1. A man’s hearts starts from his stomach: make him his favorite food every once in a while without him having to remind you or ask it of you, and watch him lick his plate clean! There’s a great amount of satisfaction in that.
  2. Accept reality: so you’re husband is an extrovert, then call his friends over and gift him some guy-time-only, he’ll be pleased, instead of trying to make him spend time always only with you, and not with his friends. He may be simple and elegant though you may have dreamed of a partner who is quite a star!
  3. Surprises: surprise yourself by pleasing him beyond limits with those big and small specials that make each day/week worth waiting for- even if it is an-all-expense-paid day at the salon or a simple bouquet of his favorite flowers, or maybe a date that’s much awaited. This will keep the love in good health post a kid as well.
  4. Be his best friend: men like to have a friend-like audience. So if you want him to talk to you about his day or his stresses at work or otherwise, get to be his best friend- one that can make sense of the nonsense in his daily life.
  5. Communication: keeping communication channels open will entail listening effectively without interruptions, assessing the matter, and then responding to the matter in an appropriate way. Share your troubles, fears, failures, mistakes and happiness, leaving nothing to speculation. This will minimize misunderstanding to nil and will ensure you both become closer than ever.
  6. Don’t nag: if you want something done, talk like an adult to him and don’t use nagging to get him to do the chore quickly. That will irritate him further making you a less-wanted, less-adored person in his life.
  7. Contentment: keeping a healthy environment at home, having great sex or even being intimate regularly, cooking good food, respecting your in-laws, being friendly, discussing and finding solutions to your problems jointly will make your husband love you even more.
  8. Help him become a better man: if you are a positive influence on your husband, he will turn every page in the book to make you proud of him. You only need to be predictive of his needs and he will thank the heavens for sending you in his life and will show you off proudly!

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