Fun and Easy Fashion Hacks For Smart Girls

Fun and Easy Fashion Hacks For Smart Girls

Hey there girls, this is Jessica and she is here to give you some quick fashion hacks that get done in no time at all. So let’s get started.

Smart stuff with your sweater:

Gilrs there is always some stuff lying in your wardrobe that you hate to throw because, you love it so much. Ummm! like I am so possessive of my sweater. So what can you do with the sweater that is lying somewhere in your wardrobe and you kinda quit on it completely? This hack is gonna be of great use. Cut the sleeve and put it on top of your jeans while you are wearing your boots over your jeans. It gives the look of a cute winter socks. I bet you guys will love the way it looks.

Now what’s next? Fun with jeans:

Let’s have some fun with your favorite pair of jeans. All that you need is a pair of scissors and sand paper. Cut off the legs with the scissors. Tear it a bit on the thighs and rub the sand paper over it for a rugged look. There you have a fun pair of shorts.

Pilling Sweater:

You have your favorite sweater and it is pilling, here is how you can take care of it. Grab a woman’s razor and just start shaving on it lightly. And your sweater is back to its original form.

Weren’t these great tricks? Thanks Jessica. Oh! but the video has a lot more for you. So watch it NOW.

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