What is Masturbation and How Not to Get Caught Doing it?

What is Masturbation and How Not to Get Caught Doing it

Masturbating is nothing but sexually stimulating yourself and/or performing the act on yourself till you reach orgasm. One of the safest ways of having sex, masturbation is in no way wrong. In fact it is a better tool at discovering yourself with the right amount of caution. You will soon know how you like being touched in order to heighten your pleasure, which will give a good input to your sex life with a partner later. It also avoids having STD’s or other such irritants that can be passed on through unsafe sex. Masturbation helps to relieve stresses and body aches. It is also said that masturbation helps in relieving the doer of migraine pain. It can be addictive as it relieves you of sexual tension that you may have because you don’t have a partner yet or because you prefer it that way! Men prefer to touch their penis or rub it, whereas women like stimulation around the clitoris, which is the sensitive part just above their vagina. Many people like to have sex toys like dildos and vibrators as part of their masturbation routine and some prefer their hands and attractive theme based costumes as a part of the play. Every person at some point in their life has felt the sensations that masturbation provides, either through the act itself or through sex.

Masturbation requires you to have a comfortable environment to enable you to have peace and quiet and for you to be able to perform. If you have issues having your own time, room, space, or privacy then it is best that you end up doing your stuff in the night under the blanket or in the safer confines of your bathroom where you have the liberty of locking your door- the latter being the most preferred as it enables you to do the act at any time of the day and with the added stimulants of the warm shower and others. One needs to ensure that they use effectively clean hands and equipment while masturbating so that they don’t contract any infections. Another caution to be taken is that they keep the sounds (groans and moans!) to a minimum or use low volume headphones while watching erotic movies or videos for stimulation. It would be very embarrassing to have someone listen in on your private affair.

Many people live with their parents, or have roommates, or siblings that don’t allow them to have their private time. In such cases it is best that you respect their presence and look for other options like locking yourself in the bathroom where you would not be disturbed or waiting for another time when they are not around entirely.

The last thing you’d want is for someone to come in to say hello when you were busy having a sexploration with your body!!! It makes sense investing in a lock for your door. If you don’t have one, wait for the night when everyone is asleep. And if you can’t wait, hit the shower!

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