Weird Things Girls Do With Their Hair

Weird Things Girls do With Their Hair

Girls with short hair, pixie cuts, bob cuts, spiked styles, half shaved heads, tattooed scalps are all the in things today but in a weird way, they promise to make you stand out in a crowd and keep you looking crazily different than the rest.

Girls often have the tendency to play with their hair when they are thinking of a crush, falling in love with someone, flirting with somebody or just are in deep thoughts. You’ll see them twirling their hair around their eyes, or their fingers, sliding the tresses gently on their back to woo somebody or just feel the tickle every now and then or more so; it just makes them love their hair more!!!

Girls with long hair are often seen playing with their hair or unknowingly breaking the split ends away even when others are watching. They don’t need much to play out that much loved Bollywood scene where the heroine’s hair flies in the air when the hero glances at her; it’s the perfect picture-pose too! It’s not any different for those girls who have short hair types. They want to leave their hair open most of the time, but complain about dreadlocks and tangling after they come back from a day of work, or a bike ride or just a walk in the breeze.

Girls love to knot embellishments and accessories in their hair, whether they are the jingly type, shimmering kinds or even the multicolour ones. They use extensions to give their hair the longer appearance and don’t stop at experimenting with the colours that they use. Then they also want to style those extensions depending on the way they plan to do their hair for the day!

Speaking of hair colour, there’s no end to the varieties and trials here! Some girls also love to change their hair colour as per the season – they will go for warmer colours like burgundy, reds, browns etc in the cold seasons or during festivities, and the more ashen or pop colours otherwise – this is based on the occasion too!

Now for the major part of the hair facts- most girls relate their hair to feeling beautiful and confident. They feel rather down, frustrated or even under-confident if they have to go for a trim or a change of hairstyle. Their hair is priority. They will definitely spend most of their disposable income on their hair and hair care products. Their hair spells beauty to them along with their skin. They will color and damage the natural hair that they have and then spend on protection and repair treatments to restore the gleam and shine. Though the results of these are great, the costs to keep the hair as expected is quite a bunch.

Crimping, ironing, curling, heating, coloring, and anything else that you as a girl can think of, though it may seem weird to others, may bring you some much needed freshness and change! Weird but original, gutsy and confident is how you would rather be known.

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