Why Do Men Suddenly Pull Away from Any Relationship? Answer Below

Why men suddenly pull away
Why men suddenly pull away

Things were going great between me and Bret. We had a connect that most of my friends felt jealous about and we loved to hang around with each other. In an unbelievable revelation Bret walked up to me and said, ‘I don’t think it’s working and I need to move on.’ I didn’t know a thing about what had happened to Bret, ‘You need to move on as in, hmmm you want to move on. Okay.’ No, it wasn’t okay at all. I was in a state of shock. What had transpired? It was certainly not evident; it had stayed concealed from me.

Girls, moving on isn’t easy. So why not detect when in a relation a guy wants to move on and what we can do about it?

First, of all let us all accept that this is pretty natural. But, why does it happen?

Fear Factor

Your guy must be doing it out of fear. The fear of being vulnerable or losing his freedom. He might feel you are smothering him too much or he is smothering you a lot. He might not be able to face the fear and thus, he retracts.

External Circumstances

A million different things must be running through his mind. It must his office, family affair or some kind of financial challenge. He is not able to communicate it with you or rather he doesn’t want to.

Honestly, I want to share more. But, I leave the rest to the video. Watch the video and be sure to comment so that we know your thoughts on this.

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