Want a Happy Husband? Take Care of Your Mother-in-Law

Happy Husband? Take Care of Your Mother-in-Law
Happy Husband? Take Care of Your Mother-in-Law

Every relationship has its own ups and downs. You and your spouse may have everything nice and rosy between yourselves until your mother-in-law arrives between you two. I’m not intending to say that all mother-in-laws are cruel, mean, or have a hidden negative interest, but about 55% daughter-in-laws feel so about their mother-in-laws. So, you may not like her like a friend or your own mother, but you have to give her the respect that she has earned- ultimately, she is the mother of the man you love. She is the reason why he is present to be with you. If you want a happy husband, but share a disturbing relationship with your in-laws, here’s how to deal with it.

Have Confidence in Your Abilities

She may be a great cook or baker, or may be a pro at managing the home’s budget, you do not need to outdo her in all these. Don’t vie to take her place in your husband’s heart, there’s enough room for the two of you. Hone your skills in things that your husband loves you for or expects of you, be it your cooking, keeping the house in order, caring for the children etc. and watch him love you a lot more.

Respect Her

She may or may not be nice, but as I said, she is the reason why you love your husband the way he is. So she deserves her share of respect from you and your children.

Try to See the Positives

Every person has some something nice and good about them- ensure that you compliment and appreciate the positives in your mother-in-law and let her know you think of her highly in that regard.

Give Her Some Mom-Son Time

She’s coming over to visit or probably stays with you and has come to join you in a discussion or just to have a happy chat with her son. Give her that personal space with her son and politely walk away to run an errand or look over the children.

Care for Her Like Your Own Mother

She may not be the same or love you in the same way, but she still requires your care, especially if she is the only living parent your husband has. Your husband will care for your parents with equal fervor and concern because you treat his mother well.

Keep In Touch

Whether you are the best of buddies or the worst of enemies, it pays to keep in touch frequently. The more you see a person, the more you get to know them, the more the possibility of you liking them and vice-versa. If you stay together, keep scheduling together-time so that she knows you want her involvement.

Never take “mother-in-law problems” to your husband as a complaint. State it as a fact and don’t base it on your opinion of her. That will make your husband see that you can handle being around his mom, and will keep him happy to be around you too.

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