Questions You Always Wanted to Ask a Lesbian About Her Girl Friend

What is Love? From a Lesbian’s diary

‘Did you know you are a lesbian when you fell in love with her?’

‘When did it happen; before you knew you were a lesbian or afterwards?’

‘How was it? I mean the feeling?’

Oh come on! Take a breather. We know you got a lot of these questions to ask a lesbian. We know your curiosity levels.

We are revealing questions that you would always love to ask a lesbian. These questions have crept into your mind and you keep wondering whom should you be asking these. Relax they are here on Just for Her:

It is believed that a woman is always right in an argument. If the woman is always right in an argument (because you can’t really argue with a woman, she is smarter), so who wins a lesbian argument? Who is smarter then?

I have heard lesbian connect truly better and have stronger bond. Do lesbian tend to have a stronger connection as they both understand their situations as females in this society better?

Why can’t people accept we are both women fallen in love with each other. Why do they need to ask this baseless question?

Who is the man?

Find out the answers to these in the video.

You will find some more questions answered; well they are quite stupid. But, nonetheless they arise in everyone’s minds. Watch the video to know what they are…

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