He Likes Me or Not? How to Know If a Guy Likes You

Sandra was going out with a guy and was puzzled if the guy liked her. She didn’t know what kind of signals guys give to emote that they liked a girl. You don’t need any transmitters to catch the signals. Obviously girls, you know that. But, there are some simple signals that you can catch if you be a bit observant and Sandra was unaware of them.

So she approached her best friend Jade for some tips. ‘Hey, how do I know a guy likes me? This is what Jade had to say:

Tease Me Baby

Is the guy teasing you? Does he playfully flirt with you; like pulling your hair, or imitating the way you speak? If he does, then there is a good chance that he likes you.

Watch Out His Body Language

He is getting a little close, then a little bit closer and closer? He is getting into your private space? Then there are a lot of chances that he likes you.

Friends Say It All

While you are out with your friends, find out how his friends behave. Are they trying to get him close to you? Are they trying to push you both closer together? Friends love to do this; they make sure that you notice they want him to hook you. It’s kind of cute isn’t it girls? Yes, it gets awkward sometimes but, just watch his friends. They will give you stark and obvious signals.

We know you love this stuff and you are craving for more. Some more secretes are revealed in the video. Watch the video; you will love it girls. …

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