What Do Girls Do – When They Are Alone?

‘What has happened to me? I have bigger boobs now. I have to do something.’ This is how girls react when they have some time alone in their room.

Here are things women say to themselves and do behind closed doors. When they get time to be away from the world, they observe themselves under a scanner.

Their favorite thing is to observe their body. They are so curious about each change in their body but, sometimes they worry unnecessarily.

This one is funny but, cute. They would stuff their stomach with a pillow and pull their T-Shirt over it to see how they would look when they are pregnant.

They look at themselves in the mirror and they are so scared to see if they have a strand of hair on their upper lip. The next thing they do is go closer to the mirror and check, ‘Oh my gosh! Do I have a mustache? Oh! It looks ugly.’ They don’t stop at that, they ask, ‘Do I have wrinkles? No, can’t be. Now, what do I do?’

While having bath they stick the hair they lose while they are having bath, on the wall of the bathroom. They are so worried if they see some extra strands. They will either cry over it for a couple of day or just scream instantly.

Watch the video for some more revelations.

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