Blackhead Removal – Get Rid of Blackheads With a Toothbrush

Blackheads? Not any more with this DIY video

Anybody can get those nasty blackheads and they can be spotted mainly on the areas like chin, around nose, forehead and yes, on the cheeks. Blackheads occur due to the excess production of sebum and buildup of dirt and dead skin cells. Factors like hormonal imbalance, frequent usage of cosmetic products, stress and improper skin care can also contribute to the development of the blackheads.

Blackheads really make you look like a person who has not washed his or her face for months. Moreover, they are stubborn in nature and your skin complexion darkens due to blackheads. So how you’re going to deal with them? Maybe spending a good amount of money at good beauty parlor or buying medicated creams! Have you heard of natural remedies? No, yes or maybe! They do wonders and after watching this video you’ll believe it and quickly apply it to get rid of those blackheads.

This remedy will cost you nothing but in turn will give you a smooth, clear face. All you need to fetch that toothpaste and toothbrush you use every day to clean your teeth; 1tbpn of baking soda that your mother has already stocked in the kitchen and the water that you can get by yourself. Mix these three ingredients well and keep the paste ready while you run to get a clean washcloth and a cleanser handy.

Now how to follow this remedy you’ll have to play this video:

See you all with blackhead-free face!

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