Top 5 – Anti Dandruff Shampoos in India

Dandruff is very common problem among women and dealing with it not only cause discomfort but it bargains with embarrassment. Hence, we researched and found out many women haven’t got a solution till date as they weren’t aware of top anti-dandruff shampoos that can deal with their problem. Thus, we took that responsibility on our shoulders and came up with a list of top 5 anti-dandruff shampoos. We know now you can surely heave a sigh of relief!

The Body Shop Ginger Shampoo

Our Indians roots are somewhere deeply rooted in herbal and thus, The Body Shop Ginger tops on the list of anti-dandruff shampoos in India. This colorless gel-based shampoo is one of the effective anti-dandruff treatments that you can rely on. The shampoo consists of ginger extract and it guarantees dandruff-free scalp  within 4-5 weeks.

Price – The Body Shop offers a range of beauty and health products including the shampoo listed above. The price for The Body Shop Ginger shampoo is 738/- Rs 250ml bottle and is available online.

Himalaya Herbals Anti Dandruff shampoo

Himalaya Herbals Anti-Dandruff shampoo is a natural remedy for dandruff sufferers. The shampoo gently removes flakes, strengthens and conditions your hair well. most customers have given positive reviews about this herbal product. The product is manufactured by Himalaya Herbal Healthcare, one of the leading leaders in the beauty & health market and thus, there is no doubt the best results are guaranteed.

Price – Himalaya Herbals Anti-dandruff shampoo is available and can be purchased for just Rs. 220/- for 400ml bottle.

Head & Shoulders Anti Dandruff Shampoo

No, we aren’t recommending you just because celebrities flaunting it but the common consumers also favored it. The name of the product is quite self-explanatory. Yes, Head & Shoulders Anti-dandruff Shampoo does take care of your flakes and allow you to praise all the beauty and glory of your scalp. The product belongs to Procter & Gamble group which has been in the FMCG sector for a long time and has received global recognition and thus, the rest is the history.

Price – The versatile shampoo is available at all leading online stores and it costs Rs. 290/- for 375ml bottle.

Pantene Pro-V Anti Dandruff Shampoo

Yet another effective product from P&G family and is popular in India and overseas. The shampoo cleanses scalp smoothly and prevents reoccurrence of dandruff. Procter & Gamble has been in the FMCG industry for ages and you can choose their products with closed eyes. Our ladies are happy with desired results that give and so it comes in the top 5 list.

Price  – Pantene Pro-V Anti-Dandruff Shampoo costs 310/- Rs. for 180ml bottle and is available online.

Lotus Herbals Neem Activ Neem and Reetha Anti Dandruff Shampoo

Lotus Herbals is a well-known brand that provides a range of herbal beauty products and Lotus Herbals Neem Activ Neem and Reetha Anti Dandruff Shampoo has to be in the list of top 5. The shampoo mainly contains the extracts of neem and reetha. The transparent gel-type shampoo is enough to reduce flakes and relieve you from the rough scalp. Many women adore Lotus products and you can swear off this product.

Price – 150ml bottle costs Rs. 170 and can be bought from online sources.

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