Fashion Tips from Indian Fashion Icon – Narendra Modi. Modi Kurta, Suit, Dress, Jacket & More…

Everyone has lovers and haters and for many reasons each galore. The same stands true for PM Narendra Modi who has taken the world by storm, after bringing India amongst the fore-running nations in the world and yet being connected to his roots and people in such grounded ways. He speaks of facts and shows you the bright way ahead. His ways are endearing to the youth and masses alike, his experience help make him stand out in the crowds today. This is the father figure that every girl would want to stand with, because she knows that he will guide her right. The girls are definitely ga-ga over NaMo, whether they are Indian or not. Follow the trend with a Modi tattoo, Modi-manicure, or simply sport his attire.

NaMo Style

His style screams simplicity and keeps the Indianness intact while he walks and talks amidst the global honchos and political heroes. It tells us that he is proud of his roots and origin and wants to show it off royally. Designers all over want him to keep up with the youth’s trends so that he is able to establish more connect with them effortlessly. He claims he doesn’t have a fashion designer for tuning his looks, and that he dresses as per the weather and the comfort that he gets from his clothing. The Modi Kurta is getting a lot of attention and followers who are watching his every style move, but NaMo claims that he came up with the idea because he used to wash his clothes himself and washing half sleeves was easier and less time consuming.

As far as the materials are concerned, he sticks to Khadi and linen makes, but his styles are more apt in the global setting – a short half-sleeved band-gala kurta with chudidar pants or salwars, topped with a Nehru coat in contrast of the pastel color kurtas he wears. What matters to him is looking tidy and wearing ironed clothes for him is a necessity even in his leisure times.

He is one man who receives a lot of praise for his appearances worldwide and undoubtedly the most well-dressed Indian politico in today’s world. He insists only that one wear anything they are comfortable in, and is preferably India-made, is neat, tidy and well-ironed. People may critique him to be a megalomaniac in many ways post the incident of him wearing a pinstripe suit that on close observation are actually stripes of his whole name Narendra Damodardas Modi etched on cloth.

He doesn’t seem to believe that his style spells his attitude, but he does follow the rule of cleanliness and tidiness in his looks even when he is not being scrutinized by the masses or media. His penchant for wearing proper, simple and Indian clothes never fails him. His choice of accessories are flashy as we see him sporting Bvlgari frames for his spectacles, Mont Blanc pens, and a Movado watch, but then one can choose to be running with the times globally right!

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