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    In case you have a picky eater and you know that the child would never eat certain foods, is it rude to cook and give the child what he/ she would eat when in other’s house? Or would you force your child to eat what is available? Or just give some chips or other junk food for a meal?

    Last week we had gone out-of-station to attend my cousin’s weeding. My 3-year-old is a picky eater and he would not eat anything that he dislikes. At home I only cook what he likes and I pay special attention every meal. Since I knew about my picky little one I had packed a few chips and biscuits that he likes. When I went there I found that my son refused to eat food. I politely asked if I could make something for my son and then went to the kitchen and cooked something he likes. Although there was no bad reaction while I was there but I could certainly feel the vibes from the relatives. Would they have felt odd and did I hurt their feelings?

    Our whole family was there including the elders from our native-village. My husband feels that I should have made my child what was available as there were other kids in the function too.

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