What Those Breasts Are Telling About Your Health Girl!!

This dynamic duo that rest on your chest communicate and you must take time out to read them through. Breasts are a good indicator of what is going on inside your body. You might find that they are hard and soft some days, aren’t really a set of the same pair as far as symmetry is concerned and apart from expecting more from them, we must invest time in inspecting them sometimes as they speak volumes about how you feel inside. Though a gynecologist is the best guide, here are a few things that you might notice and what it may mean:

Nipple Hair

If you have more than a few stray ones, either you have a case of undetected PCOS (Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome) wherein the ovaries and adrenal glands produce more testosterone than normal which leads to cysts, irregular periods and bouts of acne. If untreated, it can cause infertility.

Lumpy Breasts

Visit a gynaec to ensure that the lump you may feel in your breasts on self examination is not a cause of worry. It could be the onset of cancer, a tumor or maybe a harmless clot or cyst.

Growing or Shrinking Breasts

Sudden weight loss, gain or probably a pre-period symptom in most girls, a change in the size of your breasts is mostly normal as it is made up of fatty tissue. So any change in your weight will reflect here easily.

Under Boob Irritation

If your breasts and the skin under rub against each other a bit too much or if you are allergic to the nickel in your underwired bra, or probably some food product, soap residue or some material, you can develop under-boob irritation. You probably wear your bra without washing it, so the residue of sweat and other irritants accumulate and cause irritation too.

Orange-Like Boobs

There could be a chance that you have breast cancer if you have boobs that feel rough like an orange peel, with a hardened areola and nipple area.

Dark or Light Nipples

NBD, this is as normal as anything, it isn’t related to breast cancer.

Bumps on The Areola

This also is NBD, the mammary ducts on the surface of the breasts expand at times looking like bumps on the areola.

Asymmetrical Boobs

It is normal to have one boob that doesn’t look much like the other. In terms of size, if you have boobs that are not exactly the size it is ok, but if one has become abnormally large over time, then it is time to see your gynaec.

Stretch Marks on Boobs

If your babies exhibit visible stretch marks, it will not harm their health in any way, your weight must have yo-yo-ed recently or you must have experienced childbirth.

Itchy Nipples

You probably have residue from your shampoo or soap or another cosmetic product on your breasts. It could also be time for your period, or you may be allergic to some clothing.

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