These are Stages of Puberty in Girls

Stages of Puberty in Girls

Rachel: It’s tough, okay!!

John: It isn’t, you just blow it out of proportion.

Rachel: You too yell some days without a reason. Stop complaining!!

John: Okay, okay, okay blame it on hormones

Hitting a conversation with my boyfriend before my periods is a pain. I get upset for no reason at all. I crazily hunted through websites for information about what is it that Iam going through? But, I felt my doc could get me the right information.

Tring Tring:

Rachel: Hi doc, Rachel here. What gets me mad during these days of periods?

Doc: This is due to puberty. Puberty is about physical changes that mature a child’s body into an adult, which makes it ready for sexual reproduction and fertilization. This is kicked off by hormonal signals, which trigger your libido or sex drive. It helps in transforming your bones and skin, blood, hair; I mean to say basically everything. This is a transformation. It makes changes in your weight and height. If you are too short you might skyrocket in height. Now, you know Rachel you are changing!!!

Rachel: Even guys do go through puberty, don’t their hormones create a ruckus? Or are they spared of this?

Doc: Yes, surely guys too have to go through this. Puberty in gurlz starts from the age 10 to 12 while in boys it starts later, but girls finish it earlier.

Rachel: I hate to see some changes in me. It’s so embarrassing to see my boobs growing!!!

Doc: Yes, you will see this happening and at times your one breast will be bigger than the other. Hair will grow on the labia and you start getting your periods. You will feel confused, be self conscious, feel peer pressure along with increasing sexual interest.

Hey, Rachel come and meet me I will have to explain a whole lotta stuff that you need to know. Puberty might feel like a great deal at this moment but, this will pass. So come over, let’s have a talk.

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