What is Love? From a Lesbian’s diary

What is Love? From a Lesbian’s diary

What’s special or different about a woman in love with another woman? NOTHING I would say…. love is love any which ways, with whomever, in whatever form. Love is a choice that has to be made by a person at any age, in any circumstance in life, and with anybody they feel appropriate. Lesbians in love are very comfortable in their own skin, there is no ambiguity about the way their partner thinks because it’s similar to what they think and is familiar territory too! If it were to be a lesbian’s diary you’re reading, you’d definitely find mentions of relationship rules, emotions going over the top, a lot of passive-aggressive texting or doubt-clearing calls, butch-femme partners or none otherwise, etc. Let’s take a closer look:

Every relationship has rules. Even so, with lesbians. Between these lovers, they have set rules regarding their twosome, what they should do and what they expect of each other- like, no cheating, no threesomes, only harmless flirting, commitment only after them both are comfortable etc. They both mutually agree to abide by these rules as they love each other enough to do what pleases the other and maintains the dignity of their relationship. After all, one woman can better understand another!

Doing everything limitless becomes a part of your routine, whether it is drinking, crying, laughing, remembering the same jokes and laughing again, shopping, worrying, apologizing, cooking or not etc. In this relationship as compared to man-woman romantic relationship, these lovers are not set to prove their worth to each other or makes themselves a little better than the last day. They are comfortable in the arms and hearts of each other and since they know what this sex expects out of the same, they are more proactive in keeping up with the rules yet enjoying their days and nights immensely. They might just spend an evening laughing at what happened at work or how they met or how they should have met, or spend their weekend guzzling drink after drink and follow it up with some drunk sex, or cry it out because they want to, knowing their female partner would understand.

Lesbian partners don’t take their partners for granted; they want to be as stunning as ever to their partners even after it has been months in their relationship. They know there are others out there who are waiting for an opportunity to lay their hands on their partner. They may shout, scream, fight with each other way too much, but at the end of the day, they will ensure that they dine together, even if it’s a meal ordered in.

There are no man-roles in this relationship; it is more situation-based. When one needs to cry the other cries too, but lends a shoulder first. Sex toys are not always required but they help spice up things a bit. They may not want to have sex everyday but sleep in each others’ arms daily. This is love.

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