Six Amazingly Simple Hairstyles For (Lazy) Girls

Amazingly Simple Hairstyles

Samatha popped out of her bed. ‘I am late, not again! She got ready in a jiffy, now what? HAIRSTYLE girls. Tough grrrr. …..

Don’t lie girls, isn’t it crazy to make your hair everyday and try to make it look trendy day after day? If you have a bad hair day, then it’s crazier to figure out what would look the best. Matching your hairstyle with the dress and occasion is a different ball game altogether especially for lazy girls like me and Samantha.

We want to finish this off as early as possible and get going isn’t it, instead of lingering on it over and over again?

Look at this one guys. With this hairstyle you will be done in 20 seconds. This is the 20 second long hair updo. Split the hair into two, tie a big knot and pull. Wear a second knot on top of the previous one, and pull again, wrap up and tuck the loose ends. Bobby pin it and fix it with a pencil holder. With this hairstyle on your list you would never be late for college.

Now for something drop dead sexy and fun. Collect your hair high up and bun it. Secure it with a tie. Now place a long scarf over the bun and behind your head. Grab the end of the scarf and tie it up in the front. Twist the ends all the way down and wrap it around the top bun and tuck it in. Way to go gurlz! Wana have more fun with your hair? Watch this video!

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