These Are the Effects of Pollution On Your Hair

Effects of Pollution on Hair
Effects of Pollution on Hair

Your hair and skin gets to bear the brunt of the pollution that you have to face every day on your way to work or back or even while you stay at home. The air you breathe or the water you use for bathing and drinking can have permissible amounts of minerals and toxins that cause very slow damage to your skin and hair. Pollution nowadays cannot be avoided, but you can surely take care of your hair and skin more closely. Your skin is generally protected with creams and treatments, but your hair remains neglected, that too after it faces all the harm caused by bleaching, dyeing, blow drying and other thermal treatments. Thus your hair calls for help.

Global warming has brought about a hellish rise in temperature all across the world. Harmful UV rays have entered the atmosphere more frequently in the last few years and have caused a lot of skin issues and diseases. They have also brought harm to the hair, so girls, stay aware! If you want your tresses to stay hale and hearty, you must take few quick and effective steps in the path of maintaining their length and health. Make sure you cover your head or the length of your hair with scarves or a cap, whichever is more appropriate. Ensure that when you need to get yourself exposed in the sun, you use a parasol or a sun umbrella and have yourself covered to safeguard against the UV radiation and excessive drying that the sun causes. Hair follicles tend to weaken and get damaged due to the excessively dry air and heat that you face every day. This causes hair fall and dandruff of various degrees- right from mild dandruff to the really chronic types that requires specialist treatment.

Air pollution is also on the rise owing to heavy vehicular traffic, excessive use of air conditioners and other pollutant emitting equipment that causes the air to get denser and make breathing difficult. This smoky polluted air is very hard on the hair and can cause breakage and split ends. It weakens the hair along its length and makes it brittle. That’s why you start seeing more hair on the brush once you comb your hair than you’d like. If you live in a place where the air pollution is alarmingly high, make sure you take very good care of your hair- visit the hair spa for a deep conditioning treatment or do it at home every week, oil your hair and leave it overnight for imparting more strength and don’t use very harsh shampoos or shampoo your hair too often.

Water pollution has caused our hair to get damaged due to the inclusion of harmful chemicals and presence of the minerals of hard water. This causes hair breakage from the roots, split ends and strips the hair of moisture causing it to become dry and brittle. If this is your story, avoid washing your hair with this water too often and condition it regularly with masks and serums.

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