How to Look Sexy & Elegant at Swimming Pool? Swimwear Tips & Types for Girls

How to Look Sexy yet Elegant at Swimming Pool

Swimming pool is a great place to sit chilling, with the family and children too and minus the fuss of having to attend them continuously. In order to enjoy your swimming experience, you must ensure you have the right kind of swimwear. Now you might start thinking all you need is a swimming suit, a towel and protective sunscreen lotion maybe? But wait a minute, did you know that nowadays there are various fashionable options that you can choose from instead of the regular ones? Yes, you now have a chance to look smart, sexy yet elegant at the swimming pool without too much effort. Choose the right kind of swimwear based on how frequently you plan to swim, the intensity of swimming and comfort, followed by aesthetic appeal.

Here’s how to Look Sexy & Elegant at Swimming Pool:

One Piece

the traditional choice of many, the one-piece is a humble favorite as it easy to put on and keeps most of your body covered. It keeps you looking in good shape irrespective of your actual body shape – no, don’t think of it as a slimming outfit or so, I mean it can be worn by anyone as it covers the entire torso of the wearer. It is a good pick if you plan to go swimming regularly, or engage in competitive swimming – another apt wear for the latter being the body skin, which reduces the drag in the water as it hugs the body of the wearer and allows faster movement.


The burqini is a more religious swimwear for people who believe in covering their whole body while in public view. It allows the wearer a lot of comfort without worrying about their skin being visible while they swim.


This is a modestly modified version of the one-piece which allows the wearer to feel like they have worn a two piece while providing the coverage of a one piece. It is a lot easier to use the toilet as you do not have to remove the entire suit while doing so.


The modern and very sexy bikini is a favorite amongst the celebrities, sunbathers and trendy people with great bodies. It shows off a lot of skin and is a two-piece wear. You can mix and match pieces to create your very own style, thus allowing the wearer greater flexibility of style and variety. You’ll never get bored wearing your bikinis.

Whatever you wear, make sure that you are comfortable in what you wear and have worn a costume appropriate for your body type. Keep the makeup to a minimal if you plan to enter the pool to keep the infections at bay. Use that sunscreen religiously so you avoid tanning and chlorine-effects. Wash your hair and body with water before entering the swimming pool for the same reason. Keep those sunglasses handy and use them often if you swim in the sun. apart from this, be the diva you are!

Photo Gallery

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