How to Get Bikini Ready Body All Throughout The Year? Photos & Tips

Get a Body like the Best Bikini Models
Get a Body like the Best Bikini Models

Bikini season is not far from now, considering it will take a few weeks for you to get back in shape and make that body perfect for sporting a bikini. Tops bikini models have that great body all through the year and we think they have started living on air and water! But hey, here some top models like Heidi Klum have given out their secrets and believe me, when I say that even they enjoy eating their cheeseburgers! They say that it takes more than 21 days of following a change to make it a habit, but these top models have made lifestyle changes that have altered their lives for the better and help them enjoy great health with even better looks each day. The perfect super foods, healthy eating choices, exercise regimens and the occasional cheating has allowed them to live free.

Tips for Bikini Ready Body

Pretend it is a Bikini Season ALL Year

This helps you keep the leash on your diet habits tight all year around. It is simple, you are always ready to show off that splendid body when you have the chance, because you have hardly let yourself off the leash!

Choose a Buddy to Inspire You

Working out or following a strict routine with a buddy makes things enjoyable and easier so it is advisable to pick a partner in crime and workout together! It keeps you motivated, on track with your progress and pushes you beyond the limits.

Eat Healthy

Deprivation is a strict no-no when it comes to having a lean swimwear-ready body as per the bikini models. Instead eat light and distribute your meals into smaller portions all through the day. Choose your methods of cooking wisely- steamed over fried, sautéed against over-cooked, spicy or savoury over sweet and candied and you’re half way there already! Drink lemon water to start the day, add a glass of a vegetable and fruit smoothie to keep you full while going outdoors, keep the fridge stacked with fresh fruits and vegetables, choose lean cuts of meat, say no to sugars and processed foods, drink one ounce of water per one pound of weight on your body, keep acidity at bay, and set realistic goals. Cheat your food diet as a treat to yourself on a day when you know you’ve done enough to offset the damage.


Jump on the trampoline, run all the way down to the superstore, hike in the mountains, use the stairs, ride your bike, include 45 minutes of spinning, 1 hour of yoga, pilates or kick boxing, alternate sprinting and walking, focus on squats, push-ups, lunges, jumping jacks and cardio for 40 minutes and don’t forget the planks! That’s going to make sure you’re sweating away all the way from fat to fit!

Stay Active

Even when at work, don’t excuse yourself from walking to the coffee machine multiple times a day to fill only half your cup each time you do so. Keep yourself hydrated, stay focused and have a clear goal in mind.

Bonus Photo Gallery – Bikini Ready Bodies

Why? — >Your Inspiration Dose for Bikini Body

Below is gallery, find girls flaunting body in their bikini, this should be your inspiration dose to have body like The Best Bikini Models. Reading is not enough, if you want to have body like girls in below gallery, don’t forgot to follow and practice tips shared in this post.

Inspiration for Bikini Body
Inspiration for Bikini Body


Girls playing Volley Ball in Bikini, Having Fun

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