How to Use Western Toilet? Learn These Etiquette

Using Western Toilet? Learn these Etiquette

“If you sprinkle when you tinkle, please be neat and wipe that seat!” was one of the most remembered toilet quotes I have seen only because the message was so clean and clear that it ensured you followed. Many other such toilet etiquette related awareness increasing quotes have been circulating in the workplace, public places, guestrooms and hotels telling people how not to leave the toilet when they have finished their business. Every western toilet, whichever the place, has to be used in a way that it is left clean for the next user. It is an obvious set of rules that the first user must not litter the place, must aim to do the required business in the potty or the bowl, no one is expected to stand on the potty- one either sits on it, with the rim seat down, or one stands in front of it.

Western Toilet Etiquette

  1. Do not keep others waiting to use the toilet. Never take reading material in the toilet. It’s not a place to keep updating yourself
  2. Don’t dawdle/scribble/draw anything on the toilet seats, doors, walls etc.
  3. Clean up your own mess. Don’t wait for a housekeeper to do your dirty work.
  4. Knock on the toilet/stall doors to check for someone inside, never peek under the doors or through the keyhole. Lock the door when you enter.
  5. Western toilets are for Seating Only. Never stand or squat on it
  6. The toilet brush if available must be used to clean up after yourself – don’t wait for someone to do it for you
  7. Flush, flush, flush again!
  8. Use paper towels to touch the seat cover, grip the stall door or to clean dry the toilet seat rim
  9. Don’t flush sanitary napkins in the toilet. Use the dustbin to dispose them off correctly- as in wrap and throw.
  10. Wash your hands thoroughly after using the western toilet with sanitizer or hand wash. This is a place ridden with germs and you’re better without them on you
  11. Please place your handbags on the basins or cabinets or tables outside the toilet stalls. These bags carry the germs outside the toilets onto tables, chairs, hands, shoulders and every other place where you may rest your bag!

Bonus Tips for Our Men Readers

  1. At men’s urinal, when you are the first person to use it, pick up the one in the corner. If you’re one of the others already using the urinal, leave a few urinals in between yourself and the other user if possible. If not, then avoid looking directly at the other user’s face or at any level lower than his face and concentrate on your pee process!
  2. Don’t dribble on the floor, ready, aim and pee! Focus on the aim
  3. Pick up the seat when you pee and please leave the toilet seat down when you’re done. It’s good to be a gentleman to leave the toilet ready to be used by a lady. Ladies, you’re doing so will be hygienically loved too!

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