Super Cool yet Unknown Beauty Tips For Girls

Unknown Beauty Tips For Girls
Unknown Beauty Tips For Girls

Hey girls, I am just back from a vacation and it feels great. It kept me relaxed and it was energizing too. I am back with some more tips to share with you. So let’s start. Today, I thought of sharing with you 9 beauty tips that you may not know but, you should.

We start with bronzer, blusher and powder application. Let’s start with bronzer powder. You can use a highlighter for contouring and bronzing too. A small tip here, you should use a tapered brush.

Take the brush and tap it into the bronzer then tap off all the excess. Don’t have the bunch of powder on the brush. This would mess up while you apply it to your skin. Tap it on a napkin or a tissue to avoid getting a harsh streak while you apply it. Tap the brush on the cheek bones lightly and keep it close to your hairline so that it matches. Don’t brush it up and down your cheek bones since you are going in for a natural look.

Now it’s time to apply the blusher. You follow the same process that you used while applying the bronzer. Tap blush brush on the blusher. Tap off the excess powder. Now, tap on the cheeks and go upwards. Find out from the video how to get an even more natural look.

The video doesn’t end at that it has a lot for you. Click on the video and know some more awesome beauty tips.

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