11 Must Know Bra Hacks For Every Woman Out There

Must Know Bra Hacks

I love being a woman except for the fact that I have to wear a bra, which keeps troubling me. Grr…there are so many challenges about adjusting the bra so that it won’t hurt!! So to find some quick solutions my friend Rachel and me started hunting for answers to our bra troubles and bingo! We hit upon this befitting video that answers all our woes.

Race it up:

Wish you had a racer back bra, here is an easy way to get it. Take a paper clip and clip both the bra strips together and you are done girls. This is simple and fun!!! I tried this and it works out girls.

Stop sticking out:

I am exhausted trying to put this under wire in. It keeps sticking out and it feels and looks yuck. Don’t worry the solution is pretty simple. Grab a pair of scissor and a pantiliner. Cut it a bit and wrap it around the under wire. Hey, this is a magic pad.

Holding up your boobs:

A convertible strap can do magic for you. Don’t believe me? You will, let me tell you how. Infact, it can hold a strapless bra. Keep one strap hooked in, bring the strap in the front and turn it around and hook the strap into other side. This holds your bra firm, yep no falling and no mess up at all.

No more pain:

Ouch! these bra straps hurt a lot. What a pain!! Silicone shoulder pads can relieve this pain. Slide the gel pad on to your bra strap. You will feel no pain.

This is so simple and fun, now it’s not a trouble wearing a bra and my boobs look happy. Oh! But just a sec, you have plenty of bra hacks in the video. Stop reading and turn to the video. Keep watching!!!

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