How to Look Taller? Fashion Tips for Short Girls

Look Taller - Fashion Tips for Short Girls


Many a times I wished I was just a bit tall but, instead of pondering on the problem I thought I should search for a solution. I started searching for some fashion tips that can make me look tall. I spoke to a couple of my friends and they suggested that I should surf the net for some information instead. After reading some interesting articles I landed up watching this video that shared some useful tips or tricks to make one look tall.

I never thought these things ever mattered but, when I applied these tips, to my utter surprise they worked out for me. So all you girls who have been cribbing about your height, you can change it now; try these awesome tips that will make you look taller.

When you visit a store to shop for footwear choose heeled shoes with pointed toes, the curve of the shoe should have a low cut. This instantly slims your legs down making your body look longer.

Wear a thin waist belt whenever you can. This will lengthen your legs.

Wearing one color all over is great for short girls, it gives an uniform pattern and will set an illusion of you being heighted .

Ditch the big bags as they make you look short. Carry tiny hand bags that magnify your height.

This was just a snapshot of tricks that will make you looks tall and sexy. Interesting in knowing MORE? I am sharing this video for all you wonderful girls. Click on the video and have fun. Be happy!!!

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