This is How You Should Take Care of Your Skin in the Monsoon

monsoon skin care tips


Waiting for the monsoons so you can have your favorite pakodas, cups full of steaming hot tea or coffee, and enjoy the view that comes with the cloud cover? Then also think of how your skin will start throwing those unavoidable tantrums and rebel with breakouts and oiliness and acne… yes, skin does become sensitive irrespective of its type in this season owing to the rise in humidity and the constant wetness in the air.

Using a good oil-stripping facial treatment once in a fortnight or month depending on the skin type is great remedy – prevention is better than cure. The humidity makes for an ideal environment for bacteria to grow and multiply causing an acne prone facial condition. These oils are damaging ones, not the essential oils that are required to keep your skin soft and moisturized. Hence they need to be kept at bay. Wash your face after every two-three hours with oil clearing face wash and then use a gel based or water based moisturizer that will give you a matte finish without that oil creeping to the surface of the face. You can also use oil-free soaps and cleansers to fight the excess oil. Ensure you don’t keep your skin strip-dry for long periods of time. Always carry a good light moisturizer to keep replenishing the skin when it feels too dry.

Toning should also form an important part of your skin routine. Use an alcohol-free toner to tone your skin after your cleansing process. The toner will help unclog your pores and contribute to your natural oil-producing cells in the skin thereby leaving it soft and supple.

Along with the skin, care should be taken to keep your dandruff at bay owing to the humidity. If you have dandruff, use a mild dandruff-clearing shampoo. Keep your hair away from your face and style it that way. If you have a chronic dandruff conditions, then get help from a specialist to keep the problem at bay – dandruff that comes in contact with neck or face skin causes breakouts and acne.

Use anti-fungal soaps for your skin, this weather is prone to giving you fungal infections. So ensure you don’t stay in wet clothes for very long. Whenever you have been in the rain, get yourself cleaned up after you’re done. Shower up with some warm or hot water, use anti-fungal soap to avoid any types of fungal infections on the skin and then dry yourself off completely. Wet skin helps breed fungus and bacteria that can only cause more skin problems and irritations with breakouts. The more

Topical applications can help well only when you take care of your diet and food intake. Avoid oily, fried and high fat content foods as they will lead to excessive oil secretion from the skin. Keep your diet rich in fruits and vegetables and eat more lean meat that has lower fat content so that it keeps your energy levels high without that oily, acne inducing skin.

This monsoon say hi to healthy problem-free skin!

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