Wish to Have Anal Sex? This is How You Can Make Most From Anal Sex

Anal sex is considered taboo in most religions and is prohibited within many cultures. This is what makes it interesting behind closed doors where both partners are consenting to become backdoor experts. When anal sex is done right, you really end up enjoying the experience as a treat! When you are focused on relaxing yourself and helping your sphincter widen out, you can only wait for the pleasure to begin. Keeping in mind the actual act, you can do a lot more to enhance the pleasure aspect of the game.

Here’s how you can make most of your anal sex encounters

Go Slow

If you are in a happy humping mood and just can’t resist going crazy, try anal another time. If your partner feels the pain, chances are that they will not want to give it another try ever again. Going slow and steady, one at a time is the key to an anal pleasure trip.

Lube It Up

Use plenty of lubricant. Many silicone and gel based lubes are available in the market, but the best ones for anal are the water based lubes. If you feel like you’re drying out faster, remove, lube up again and re-enter. It will only heighten the experience.

Calm Yourself

Try having vaginal sex before the anal as it tends to loosen the muscles around the genitals. Also it keeps the focus areas wet and ready for more penetration with lube of course. Don’t worry about how your butt looks or how fat or bony your ass looks- your man doesn’t really care when it comes to the moment.

Focus On The Whole Body

Just because the anus opening is ‘the spot’, don’t ignore the rest of the body- spank the bum, take up some licking, stroking and titillating, keep the vagina and the clitoris busy and you will have a fuller anal encounter. Try combining various sex forms and positions to explore more of that beautiful body for that added eroticism.

Try Different Positions

You would definitely want to spice up the act once you have started out, so try out the spoon, the man-on-top or the doggie style, in this order for beginners to experts! It allows more flexibility and control on the intensity of penetration.

Use Dildos

Keep experimenting with shapes and sizes when you start enjoying the act. Just remember the lube since the anus has no lubrication of its own. Use your fingers to feel the opening and activate all the nerve endings around the anus. Try more aromatic lubes and gels to keep the wetness intact and have a multiple sensory experience.

Drinking Up And Get Turned On

Enjoy a few drinks and get tipsy, it just amplifies the experience. Alcohol also helps in keeping you calm and more receptive to erotic advances mostly! Enjoy the licks, nips, bites and spanks you get while the act progresses as it will only keep you wanting more!

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