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Mariah Carey is a well known American singer, composer, actress, soundtrack producer and social worker. She is quite a household name and brought about her first studio album, which was self – named as Mariah Carey under the supervision of Tommy Mottola, a manager with Columbia Records.

Her debut album was a major success and led her to having a love affair with Tommy. She got hitched to him in 1993 and delivered one hit after another. Some of these hits were ‘Hero,’ ‘Music Box,’ ‘Emotions’ and ‘Merry Christmas’ and propelled Mariah towards being a bestseller and a star performer in Columbia.

Mariah Carey Biography

Real Name: Mariah Carey

Popular Name: Mariah Carey

Date of Birth: March 27, 1970

Place of Birth: Huntington, New York, USA

Figure: 34C – 24 – 35

Address: Los Angeles, California, USA / Tribeca, New York, USA

Occupation: Singer, Composer, Celebrity, Entertainer, Social Worker, Album Producer

Nationality: American

With time, Mariah embarked on a journey of moving away from her pop and R and B initiations to hip hop. This musical modification was apparent with the launch of her album, ‘Butterfly’ when Carey had parted ways with her hubby, Tommy in 1997.

Mariah is very proficient in playing the piano and was the daughter to parents, Patricia and Alfred Roy. She was inspired by soul and R and B musicians, Sarah and Billie in her childhood days and developed a taste for gospel and entertainment music.

Carey is the receiver of many reputed awards, inclusive of those during the ‘World Music Awards’ and ‘Grammy Awards.’ She keeps herself engaged in charity and social work and fights against cancer, natural disasters, hunger, poverty, etc. She also ensures that the underprivileged people of the society are taken care of. This talented hottie surely knows ways and means of maintaining a fine balance between working out her songs and doing charity!!

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