Ever Wondered – What is Tampon? {Answered}

Ever Wondered - What is Tampon?

We all girls need to get our act together during those special days; when we have our periods. We need to be a bit more careful about our health and eating good food. And a lot more careful about the sanitary pads not getting messy; we need to choose something that takes care of us during those sensitive days.

Like sanitary pads, tampons are another way to absorb menstrual blood, but they work inside the vagina before the blood has chance to leave. When I heard about this I certainly felt it’s far better than a sanitary pad.

QUESTION: Hmmm… don’t know how it work and how you use it, girls? Here is how you use it…

ANSWER: Tampon is made up of absorbent material that sucks in the flow of blood. It is pressed into a small cylinder and you have got to insert it inside your vagina.

QUESTION: So how do you slide this inside your vagina?

ANSWER: Some tampons use cardboard or plastic to guide the insertion process but, some rely solely on your fingers. Don’t worry it’s not that complicated, it’s pretty simple.

QUESTION: Oh! But, how do I remove it off?

ANSWER: Well, this isn’t complicated as you think. The tampon will have a string attached to the cylindrical shaped part. This hangs out of the vagina, and it lets you remove it when you wish to.

I know girls I haven’t answered all your queries but, turn to the video. It gives a clear idea about using a tampon and then you are free to decide if you want to use one. After watching the video I found it pretty cool.

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