Every Girl’s New Year Resolution for Great Sex Life

New Year resolution for great sex life

Whatever our stance in life maybe at this moment in time, we always keep dreaming of a better sex life every now and then. What we don’t always do is work towards it, we wait for our partners to make it happen. If you haven’t made any solid resolutions for it then you can try working towards this goal of upping the standards and experiences in your sex life. Trust me, this is one such goal that when achieved, will only give you and your partner back multi-folds!


Know what went wrong with your life in the past year. Introspect and educate yourself about where you stand and where you want to see yourself in the next year as far as sex is concerned. Some may feel that being unable to disconnect from their electronic devices and getting them even in bed ruined it for their partners as they weren’t paying attention to their libidos. Some sexperts say that they have always received complaints from females that their men don’t know about G-spot stimulation; in fact they are unaware of what to do once they get down there! Check if any of these have been your experiences. Ask your partner what more she/he would like to see you do this new year.

Be in the Game – Always

Know that there are many out there waiting for you to falter in the bedroom especially so they could steal your beaus with promises of better sexual gratification. Also don’t give your partners a reason to misjudge your sexual prowess because you were shy or unaware of what they like or whatever! Research constantly and learn newer techniques to keep that variety going in the bedroom. Play with the ambiance of the room, your appearance and exercise to build your libido. Even if you’ve been a pro at this with your earlier relationships remember that not every person is the same and some may be better than you, you just have to give your best every time.

Shop and Experiment

Try those new sex toys, vibrators, dildos, dolls, blindfolds, handcuffs, bunny ears, lingerie, corsets et all. You can play up your act with lubricants, aphrodisiacs, flavored condoms, aromatic candles and water baths! What’s more- make sure you read through Kamasutra together or watch some porn (if that’s your taste) or just browse together for various new sex positions and who knows, you may not need much erotic effort after all! Keep up the variety and your partner will love your new resolution and you!


Pump up the frequency of love-making, aim at satisfying yours and your partner’s sexual cravings more often than last year. Even if you don’t have the stamina for a bang session, just make do with some intimate one-on-one time with your partner- it shouldn’t always have to be sex you know! Cuddle up, talk more, kiss often and get naughty at every chance you get!

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New Year resolution for a better relationship

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