Top Questions Asked to Any Gynecologist

Top questions asked to any gynaecologist

Women tend to have many queries about the smallest of issues related to their intimate health. A gynecologist will have all the apt answers. An annual visit to the gynaec is considered to be better even when you seem in the best of health mostly after you reach middle age, but even teens should develop this habit of having themselves checked regularly. Intimate heath of a lady takes up a larger quantum of FAQ’s asked to any gynecologist, some of them have been listed below:

How do I perform a breast self-exam?

Breast cancer is becoming quite prevalent among the masses nowadays. It is better to be educated about the correct way of performing a breast self-exam in addition to having the doctor check you once in a while. Every woman should know the look and feel of her breasts so that she can gauge an abnormal growth or a lump when she feels one. This is something you should be very aware of.

How do I get successfully pregnant/we’ve been trying but in vain?

Some couples face fertility issues which can be assessed by a gynaec. Give your doctor an idea about your family goals and keep them aware of what your concerns are. Whether they relate to fertility or menses, your gynaec will see you through. Even if your doubts are about birth control, your doc will guide you uniquely.

I missed my birth control pills. What do I do?

Women taking regular birth control pills as a contraceptive option should do so under the guidance of a gynecologist to avoid complications in future conceptions. Generally the pill will instruct the user to take an extra dose the next day to make up for a day’s loss. If you miss two days, then you make up for it by taking one extra pill for the next two days as per the instruction leaflet.

Is it safe to have sex during pregnancy?

Depending on the sensitivity and condition of your pregnancy the gynecologist will be better placed to tell you whether it is safe to have sex during the course of your pregnancy. Generally, for a normal pregnancy it is safe to have sex in the second and sometimes third trimester without any harm to the baby, provided you stick to certain safe sex positions.

Why does sex hurt?

Vaginismus could be one of the reasons why your vagina is ordered by the brain to spasm at the very act of intercourse. Your brain may send a “no” signal to your vagina that will spasm accordingly, not allowing the penetration to occur. In such cases, sex will be painful, and the more you force it, the stronger the spasms will be. After every failed attempt followed by pain, these spasms will recur- generally the case with sex abuse victims or amateurs. You may also have a very thick hymen.

Ovarian cysts/fibroids in the uterus/laparoscopy and facts AND Menopausal symptoms:

Consult your doctor for more details as these are case specific.


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    Will it stop working the medicine
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