Wet In Rain – Do This When You Reach Home

Wet In Rain – Do This When You Reach Home

You are out for a walk or to get some chores done on a day when you feel you can beat the rain and when you have just finished, it begins to pour…. By the time you are home you’re exhausted, cursing the weather, and obviously wet!!! So what do you do to get yourself feeling warm and cosy in the comfort of your home again? Here are some quick to do things that can help you combat an oncoming flu if your immune system is generally low, keep your exhaustion in check and relax while you enjoy the rain pouring outside your home!

The routine should start when you are returning on your way home in fact. Stop under the shed of a convenience store and pick up a few tabs of Vitamin C supplements and cold and flu medicine and a packet or two of ready to eat soup. You can also help yourself to some rain gear if available and if you’re not carrying any. Vitamin C boosts your immunity and reduces the symptoms of cold and flu, and the curative medicines for cold will help you combat it.

What strikes your mind when you come home wet and cold from the rain? Firstly, don’t smoke. Though it may provide you some temporary relief as it makes the temperature of the body more warmly favorable, it will not help you in the long run as it weakens your respiratory system which is majorly affected by the cold rain. Clean your hands with antiseptic soap as that will help arrest the spread of any bacteria or virus that may bring on the flu. Dirty hands seem to be the easiest way to contract germs that cause cold. Try not to tempt yourself into taking a drink to warm yourself up as it tends to dehydrate the body which is the reverse of what you ideally want. Instead, drink a glass or two of purified water as it helps to manage the water levels of the body and also flushes out toxins that may aggravate any oncoming sickness. Drinking alcohol is also said to reduce your immunity, certainly something you don’t want at this point of time.

Now, for something warm. Go to the kitchen and get yourself a dose of fruit and vegetables to eat or a bowl of nice, hot soup. Chicken soup has remedial properties it is said, but mushroom or tomato soup seems perfectly okay too! These will warm up the body considerably fast, reducing the effects of hypothermia. Vegetables with photochemical and those packed with Vitamin C and A are great for such situations. Taking a shower to bring your body temperature back to normal gradually is highly recommended.

Finally once you feel slightly better, you can warm up with some great exercise that will help increase the blood circulation across your body. These tips should help you in situations as these to keep yourself healthy.

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