What to Talk When Your Daughter Turns 18

One of the biggest turns in the life of your teenager is when she turns 18, the days of uninterrupted fun are over. Now is the time when she will have to assess, understand and choose between what is right and what is wrong. All your experience and understanding may or may not appeal to her way of thinking, and that is where you, as a parent, must make her a friend first. At such an age, your officially legal teenager will have her friends closer to her heart and brain than you-she will be prone to getting influenced easily unless you have made the effort to win her over as a friend already. Mothers must make sure that you tread on every topic very lightly; you might just make her rebellious because you don’t sound right to her. Here are a few important things you’d want to discuss with her when she turns 18:

Choose Your Battles

Tell her that not all things in her life are worth fighting for. That will only exhaust her positive energies and will make her most negative and suspicious about other events in her life. To develop positivity in her, you must educate her to fight for herself first and then save another, only once she knows which battles are worth it.

Problems Will Come And Go

Not every problem is the end of the world, it is just a matter of time. Being honest has never hurt anyone unless it is meant to do so. Being afraid has never helped. Even if you fail there is always something you will learn, then move on.

Beware Of Social Media

It may be very easy to use and is attractive enough to keep you hooked for longer than ever, but it is also a cloud space, a net of networks that has a backup of everything, mind you, everything that you do, say or send. Never send something electronically to someone that you would not want to see printed on a newspaper! If you delete it too, there will be a blueprint of it somewhere that can be retrieved.

Choose Your Words Wisely

Words can either make or break relationships. You must teach her to be polite no matter what, only then can she expect to be treated equally well.

You Will Always Be There For Her

Assure her that whether she is right or not so right, you will always be there for her. Where she is wrong, she will have to apologies and all, but you will still love her.

She Is Unique And Beautiful

She is one like herself only and nobody can change or deny that. She has to learn to stand up for herself always. It is okay if someone shows her their protectiveness, but yet she must remember that she mustn’t let them consider her their property.

Learn To Say No

No one will be offended when she says NO for something she is not comfortable doing, or is against her values.

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